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Adjustable patio covers

Adjustable patio covers

Smart Patio Plus is a top-notch distributor of struxure outdoor, delivering original and cost-effective adjustable patio covers you can never find from someone else. If you're considering to create a small paradise in your backyard, we're the experts you need to bring your dream to reality.

What exactly is an adjustable patio cover?

Adjustable patio cover or louvered patio cover is one of the top and pleasant patio cover inventions which gives you a perfect and comfortable outdoor setting regardless of the weather. You can either close the louvers for a solid patio cover during the rainy days or open them for a lattice patio cover during the scorching days. You can adjust the louvers to various degrees (0% to 98% to control the abundance of sun rays you want.

The goal and purpose of louvers are to allow you to adjust them in the best position that serves the needs of your comfort. You can carry out the opening or closing process either automatically using a remote, manually or mechanically. During the rainy days, the louvers adjust tightly to each other to build custom gutters allowing them to drain the water or handle snow loads during winter without any leakage. Quality louvers are always thick gauge aluminum capable of staying rust-free for a lifetime, even on bad weather.

Surprising benefits of installing an adjustable patio cover

Installing a flexible patio cover is a fast and affordable way to help you reclaim your outdoor space lifestyle. This type of patio cover provides shade when you want it, oasis, or sunshine when you need it. For this reason, you can take advantage of every season or weather condition by enjoying and extending your leisure in your outdoor space. Additionally, a patio cover will increase the value and overall curb appeal of your home.

Most homeowners install adjustable patio covers because they know more about the systems' advantages. Below are more surprising benefits of patio shading solutions:

  • Combat solar damage
  • Keep your outdoor living cool
  • Protect your furniture
  • Improve outdoor entertainment

Irrefutable adjustable patio cover installing experts

We're an exclusive distributor of the eminent Struxure Outdoor louvered patio roof system. We provide the modern high-tech systems that you'll never find somewhere else. The systems pivot 170 degrees, and you adjust them with a button touch to control the exact amount of sun or shade you want to receive.

We pride ourselves on offering the best quality patio system in the world plus the same quality of outdoor accessories, such as furniture and grills. We're a proud dealer for Panama Jack Furniture, Twin Eagle grills, Big Green Egg, and so much more.

Get the modern high-tech patio system

If you're considering to turn your outdoor living to a luxurious and inviting space, you should take advantage of our unparalleled adjustable patio covers.

Are you in need of a modern high-tech yet affordable patio system? If yes, visit the Smart Patio Plus showroom and get the most elegant system for your outdoor space. Contact us now if you need more information about our prominent patio systems.

Adjustable patio covers

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Adjustable patio covers
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