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Decking Materials Miami

Decking Materials Miami

There are nearly unlimited options when it comes to the best decking materials in Miami. However, some of the decking materials last longer in the hot and humid outdoor environment of Miami. When choosing decking options, it is crucial to explore all aesthetic options that also provide superior functionality. Urbanik Surfaces partners with experts like Boske Nature Living for premium decking materials at the lowest possible price. Take a quick peek into the following reasons why Urbanik Surfaces is the best place to turn for decking materials.

Top Reasons to Choose Urbanik Surfaces for Decking Materials

Miami is known for its hot weather and fast-paced lifestyle. Building a new deck in a somewhat tropical area is risky if you're not knowledgeable about quality decking materials. Urbanik Surfaces guarantees an elite customer experience from start to finish.

  1. Pressure Treated Pine - Urbanik Surfaces can help build custom deck designs using pressure-treated pine. Pine is always a great option for outdoor structures, but the pressure treatment makes it perfect for humid areas. Pressure-treated pine is resistant to mold and mildew, even in the muggiest environments. Additionally, pressure-treated pine is also fire-resistant and environmentally sound. When you put your trust in Urbanik Surfaces, you can expect access to decking materials like pressure-treated pine.
  2. Curved Plank Patterns - Since Urbanik Surfaces partners with Boske Nature Living, clients will have extensive choices. Curved plank patterns have become wildly popular in Miami, as the planks create a rustic island effect. Using curved plank patterns on an exterior deck can not only add curb appeal to your home, but these decking materials are rugged enough to stand up to Miami weather.
  3. Boske Nature Living Collections - By relying on Urbanik Surfaces, clients instantly gain access to the Boske Nature Living collections. Within this aesthetically appealing collection, clients will find numerous floor patterns and decking options. The Elite collection from Boske Nature Living offers rich colors and textures that are easy on the eyes and wallet. The decking planks are made from solid European oak with a small number of knots to add a rustic aesthetic. Even with the knots, the elite collection brings a first-class ambiance and amazing style.
  4. Ironwood - Ironwood offers visually stunning versatility without compromising on quality. Compared to other options, ironwood decking materials are ideal for pergolas. Ironwood is not only resistant to salt and rot, but it is also resistant to intense UV exposure. With the Florida sun beating down, an ironwood deck will definitely last the test of time.
  5. Composite Decking Materials - Composite decking materials are man-made and easy to maintain. Also, composite decking materials are less expensive than traditional hardwoods. By using synthetic materials, you can save money while increasing the longevity of your exterior deck.

Designer Deck Building Materials at Low Cost

Urbanik Surfaces helps clients find the best designer deck materials at the lowest possible costs. If you're ready to build something incredible, please don't hesitate to call 305-510-0029 to schedule an appointment with the stellar team at Urbanik Surfaces. With durable European woods at affordable rates, there isn't any better place to rely on than Urbanik Surfaces.

Decking Materials Miami
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Decking Materials Miami
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Decking Materials Miami
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